August 22nd - 24th, 2016
14th Annual Plenum
Social Work as a Forum for Democracy
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TiSSA Plenum
The TiSSA Plenum is the annual meeting of academics and professionals from all over the world. Based on the constitutive aims and perspectives, each Plenum deals with one central issue for contemporary social work on a global scale. Plenary sessions, panel debates and working groups excite serious but lively discussions. Field visits and the social program allow to forge closer links to the colleagues. The Plenum is borne by the inquisitiveness and engagement of the participants, which realize each program by their papers and statements and vitalize the idea of a cross-national network of social professions.
6 July 2016
Registrations are closed!
Due to the success of this years conference, we are forced to close the possibility for attending the conference as we already exceeded our maximum limit of participants. As a result, you are no longer able to register for the conference.
1 June 2016
Abstracts closed
TISSA has now closed the submission procedure.
24 May 2016
Deadline for submissions
There has been some confusion about the deadline for submitting an abstract. We therefore would like to emphasise that the deadline has been placed on May 30th.