The Pre Conference: August 21st - 23rd, 2020
Plenum Conference: August 24th - 26th, 2020
18th Annual Plenum
Sustainable Social Work for Democratic Societies: Developing Transformative Knowledge
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TiSSA Plenum
The TiSSA Plenum is the annual meeting of academics and professionals from all over the world. Based on the constitutive aims and perspectives, each Plenum deals with one central issue for contemporary social work on a global scale. Plenary sessions, panel debates and working groups excite serious but lively discussions. Field visits and the social program allow to forge closer links to the colleagues. The Plenum is borne by the inquisitiveness and engagement of the participants, which realize each program by their papers and statements and vitalize the idea of a cross-national network of social professions.
26 March 2020
Update TiSSA 2020

At this moment, the impact of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is being felt all around the world. This is a challenge for all of us, in our private as well as in our professional lives. It is a challenge for social work and social work researchers all over the world, as the pandemic shows once again our vulnerability, yet also the detrimental effects of social inequality. At the same time, it shows the importance and strength of social work, as we see creative and engaged practices all around us. Suddenly our societies – in Belgium anyway – seem to notice the high value of non-economical driven practices. This might be cynical (why do we need a disaster before this is noticed?), but let us hope it is also a driver for future avenues. As such, the need to unite and built a shared vision on social work in a globalised world seems more than ever important.

As such, also Tissa wants to keep creating a forum for mutual learning and solidarity, and – more than ever – for connection. Of course, as many conferences have already been cancelled or rescheduled, we hope the coming months will bring us better times. For now, we still have good hope we will be able to meet in person in Coimbra the end of the summer. Of course, we will – together with our Portuguese hosts - monitor the situation closely and inform you all in due time.

30 October 2019
TiSSA 2020

The 18th edition of The international 'Social Work & Society' Academy (TiSSA 2020) will be hosted by the University of Coimbra, in cooperation with the ISCTE university of Lisbon and the Catholic University of Lisbon .

The Pre Conference will take place  from 21 - 23 August.
The Plenum Conference will take place from 24 - 26 August.

27 March 2016
How to register and submit an abstract
Participants are requested to register on the brand new TiSSA Website. Afterwards, you will receive a confirmation e-mail and you will be able to login to their own dashboard from where you can submit an abstract for both the pre-PhD Conference as well as for the Plenum Conference. Important: participants who don't register on the TiSSA website, will be unable to submit an abstract or register for attending the conference.