The Pre Conference: August 21st - 23rd, 2020
Plenum Conference: August 24th - 26th, 2020
18th Annual Plenum
Sustainable Social Work for Democratic Societies: Developing Transformative Knowledge
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TiSSA Plenum
The TiSSA Plenum is the annual meeting of academics and professionals from all over the world. Based on the constitutive aims and perspectives, each Plenum deals with one central issue for contemporary social work on a global scale. Plenary sessions, panel debates and working groups excite serious but lively discussions. Field visits and the social program allow to forge closer links to the colleagues. The Plenum is borne by the inquisitiveness and engagement of the participants, which realize each program by their papers and statements and vitalize the idea of a cross-national network of social professions.
26 March 2020
TiSSA 2020 postponed

Dear friends,
Although we had hoped that Tissa 2020 would be possible in Coimbra in August, it became more and more apparent that this crisis will make it impossible to hold the conference.  Hence, we are forced to postpone our meeting in Coimbra till August 2021.
As your abstract was accepted, it will stay accepted for the 2021 conference, but of course you will also be given the opportunity to withdraw it or revise it, as the state of your research will have changed.  
 We are sad, yet our thoughts now go out to all of those dying and suffering from this crisis. We hope we can come out of this crisis as an even stronger social work research community.  

For now, we want to thank you all for your contribution, especially the Portuguese colleagues who were in the midst of preparing the conference.  
 I hope you all stay healthy and well, so we can meet next year for a brilliant Tissa conference in Coimbra!
Hope to see you all soon!  
Prof. Dr. Rudi Roose en Nele Feryn