TiSSA Conference submission
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Important dates

Deadline extended: March 15, 2020

Notification of acceptance: March 20, 2020

Deadline for early registration: May 15, 2020


General information

The overall theme of the conference is ‘Sustainable Social Work for Democratic Societies: Developing Transformative Knowledge.’

Worldwide, democracies are under pressure. Even the concept of democracy itself as a preferable way of organising society is being questioned. This raises urgent issues for social work practice, policy and research, as they are contested in their capacity as actors of change and platforms for democracy. The risk to align with a merely individualistic and methodical approach has become more and more apparent. This calls for social work to radicalize its democratic capacity once again, hereby questioning how democracies can remain sustainable and how social work can contribute to transformative democratic developments all over the world. A key issue in this debate is the role of knowledge development: what types of social work research and knowledge do we need to create democratic societies and what is a desirable relation between knowledge, policy and practice? In order to address these questions, TiSSA invites experts from academic social work research, professional fields and policy to discuss the role of knowledge development for transformative social work in the face of anti-democratic tendencies at the TiSSA 2020 conference in Coimbra, Portugal.

The international Scientific Committee will review all submissions based on their relevance for the conference theme, originality and international diversity.  

Both individual papers and symposia will be accepted for submission. The individual papers are afterwards grouped into thematic sessions, if possible. Each accepted paper is given 20 minutes for presentation, followed by 10 minutes for discussion with the audience. 


Guidelines for all kinds of presentations

Guidelines for all kinds of presentations are advisory. If you think there are good reasons to amend them, please feel free to do so.

- The number of submissions is limited to 2 as presenter.

- Note that this website is not a working tool. We therefore recommend to prepare your submissions offline and when ready copy everything on the submission website.

- Submissions can only be made through the appropriate online submission form. Submissions made by e-mail will not be evaluated by the international scientific committee.


If your abstract is for a presentation based on one or more empirical research projects, it could include the following:

- Background and purpose: description of the problem, study objectives, research question(s) and/or hypotheses

- Methods: study design, including a description of participants and selection strategies, data collection procedures, measures, and approaches to analysis

- Findings: specific results in summary form

- Conclusions and implications: description of the main outcome(s) of the study and implications for practice, policy or further research.


If your abstract is for a presentation which is not based on primary empirical research, it could include the following:

- Background and purpose of the presentation

- A summary of the main points of the presentation

- How the presentation will address one or more of the conference aims and themes

- Conclusions from and implications of your presentation for practice, policy or further research.