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General information
The 15th TiSSA Conference of 2017 invites experts from academic social work research, professional fields and policy to discuss their perspective and experiences on the role of social work as a space for dialogue, cooperation and diversity.

Practical information

Pre Phd Conference
The Pre Phd Conference from August 25th to 27th provides a unique opportunity for Phd students who conduct research in the overall field of social services and related social problems to present their results or work in progress. A board of professors of international standing will form a panel to comment on the presentations and will be available for any further guidance. The Pre Phd Conference therefore offers a very valuable and exceptional occasion to engage in comprehense networking with colleagues from other European Countries. Important to emphasise is that the Pre Phd Conference is open for broad topics concerning social work that are not direcly linked to the central topic of this years conference: Social work as a space for dialogue, cooperation and diversity. Presentations will be limited to maximum 20 minutes.
At this moment, the following professors will be part of the 2017 international supervisory panel, which will guide the Phd students and reflect upon their presentations. Please be aware that this list is not yet completed and may be updated due course:
1. Prof. dr. Rudi Roose, Chair of the International TiSSA Steering Committee and Professor at Ghent University (Belgium).
2. Prof. dr. Ewa Kantowicz, Professor at the University of Warmia and and Mazury (Poland)
3. Prof. dr. Mel Gray, Professor at the University of Newcastle (Australia)
4. Prof. dr. Anna Meeuwisse, Professor at Lund University (Sweden)
5. Prof. dr. Christian Kjeldsen, Professor at Aarhus University (Denmark)
6. Prof. dr. Tetiana Syla, Professoir at Chernihiv University (Ukraine)
7. Prof. dr. Lieve Bradt, Professor at Ghent University (Belgium)
8. Prof. dr. Karin Böllert, Professor at Münster University (Germany)
Plenum Conference 
Submissions for the Plenum Conference can either represent reflected practical experiences, empirical research or theoretical concerns relating to the central conference theme. The International Scientific Committee will validate all incoming abstracts with great care. Presentations will be limited to maximum 20 minutes for parallell sessions and 25 minutes for plenum sessions. Points for subsequent discussions are welcome.
For alle colleagues intending to give a presentation either on the TiSSA Plenum or on the TiSSA Pre Phd Conference, the deadline for submitting the abstract is 30th of May, 2017. The abstract can only be submitted through your dashboard which you can access once you have registered yourself as a user on this website. Users who are already registered from last year, can use their login and pasword to enter the website. Abstracts can only be submited through this website (not by e-mail) and may not exceed the 500 words limit. 
After the conference, all participants are invited to send the full paper or revised article to the scientific journal Social Work & Society.